Mark Dunn
January 26, 2023
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Do a Google search about payments, and you’ll find links that will take you two years to read.  Or you could get to the really good stuff in two days.

The world has turned its attention to how businesses and individuals get paid.  Crypto, subscriptions, processing fees, buy now pay later, money transfers, payfac, monetizing payments – if you’ve been paying attention to the business news, you see that there are enormous opportunities for people and companies that are launching tech companies in payments.

But how do you get the background you need to understand how payments work?  How do you learn the inside information no one seems ready to give you?  

Sure, you can pick up a lot of information online.  But most of the key information you need is hidden.  How do you find out what elements go into a good payments processing agreement, what services really cost, and with whom you should work (and whom to avoid)?

Consider the Payments Workshop by Field Guide.  For more than fifteen years, we’ve been working with entrepreneurs, developers, and payments start-ups virtually, live, and in person.  

We do the ISO Workshop with you and your principals for two days.   We can get together over Zoom or Google Meet if you like.  Some of our clients think the best use of their time is on-site, in their offices.  We spend most of the first day working on the details of your business costs, pricing, profitability, metrics, and strategies for growth.  Much of the second day is filled with discussions of agreements, best partners/vendors and business plans, budgets, and forecasting.  And we take non-disclosure very seriously.

The most important aspect of the Payments Workshop is that it’s completely tailored to your approach to the business.  It’s all interactive based on your priorities and your need for solid information.   The Q and A is outstanding.  We have a very long and detailed outline of topics you may want us to cover.  But we pare this down to the most important information you need to plan your business and avoid costly mistakes.

The Payments Workshop will set you up to earn the full potential of your business plan.  And it will save you big in errors you can avoid.

For more information, send us your contact information at

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