Mark Dunn
January 26, 2023
min read

Growing an ISO is hard work that requires a commitment to constantly improving the sales process. Field Guide has worked with ISOs on this process for seventeen years. We’ve developed these ten commandments for growing your ISO’s sales function.

  1. I will constantly update my sources and methods of obtaining leads if below 5% monthly closing rate of total leads received.
  2. I will implement a process for qualifying the leads and setting appointments (physical, virtual, telephonic, chat, etc).
  3. I will offer a significant value proposition with marketing materials, graphics, presentations, scripts, etc.  And refresh the value proposition over time.
  4. I will have an accurate and fast process of analyzing merchant’s statements and proposing “meet or beat” pricing.
  5. I will have a plan to recruit and hire an expanded sales team (W-2, 1099, referral partner, etc) and sales support staff.
  6. I will provide training for the sales team on our value proposition, sales tools, closing methods, and ethical guidelines. And I will treat the sales team as the valuable asset to my business that they are.
  7. I will have a CRM for managing leads, prospects, salespeople, agents, workflows, and all aspects of the sales process.
  8. I will have expanded website access for partners (salespeople, agents, referral partners, etc) for CRM, sales materials, training, etc.
  9. I will have a process for 100% sales fulfillment to hand-hold the new merchant through onboarding, start-up, and full processing.
  10. I will have a merchant retention program and trained staff to reduce the loss of merchant relationships due to competition, pricing, and other circumstances.

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