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More than a consultancy, Field Guide is a resource to fintechs, payments companies, banks, ISOs and merchants. We can guide you through the complex world of electronic payments while helping you build and execute your payments strategy.

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Team Members

Team leader Mark Dunn and consulting partner Juan Ortiz are joined by 4 payments specialists in operations, marketing, product solutions and residual analysis

Repeat Clients

We've served more ISOs, banks, agents, payfacs than most payments experts.

Years in Payments

Our team members individual experience ranges from 20-34 years in electronic payments.

Years as a Consultancy

We've seen behind the curtain and know what real challenges payments companies face - and how to overcome them.

An experienced team that listens carefully, applies a broad range of knowledge and works with you to implement solutions.

We're Not The Biggest, Just The Best Value.

We focus on price-conscious, high value implementations of subject matter expertise in payments. We can help you build your plan with marketing, sales and operations keyed to your goals in the payments space. Whether you're starting a new venture, refocusing an existing payments business or moving into a new payments niche, we can guide you to a successful implementation.

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The Payments Workshop

The Payments Workshop is a completely unique and highly productive experience. We structure an intense two days of discussions, presentations, planning and structuring of your next move in Payments. We've been doing the Payments Workshop for more than 16 years

High Impact, Short Term And Great ROI

We get a lot of repeat customers in the payments space because we emphasize making the greatest impact on our client's business in each engagement. Engagements tend to be 5-9 months on average. This allows us to deliver maximum value for the money spent each time we work with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions (FAQ's) are designed to provide helpful and comprehensive answers to common inquiries. They are an invaluable resource for customers looking for quick solutions to their problems without the need for additional support.

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