FieldGuide Enterprises, LLC - Guiding Companies in the Merchant Bankcard Industry to Growth and Profits

Field Guide Enterprises, LLC (FGE) is a dynamic consulting company in the merchant bankcard industry founded in 2004 by Mark Dunn. For more than 11 years, Field Guide has concentrated on three vital areas for the electronic payments community:

1. Executive consulting for small to medium-sized ISO's

2. Bankcard sales training and seminars

3. Marketing for companies selling in the bankcard industry

Mr. Dunn is executive consultant to some of the industry's fastest growing companies. He provides detailed analysis and plans for sales growth, market penetration and reaching profit potentials.

The Field Guide Seminars are collaborative educational experiences that provide insights and information about how to succeed as an merchant level salesperson (MLS) and independent sales organization (ISO). The industry's best ISO experts and program managers gather to share their wealth of knowledge with you.

The Field Guide team helps ISO and bank clients define their sales message. FGE creates high-impact approaches that sell the newest products to the merchant bankcard industry.


ISO Sales Development Sessions

Most small ISOs need help building or strengthening their sales function. Field Guide has developed a five session Sales Development Program that focuses on the key issues in building an ISO sales machine. The five sessions are:

Session 1:  Planning.  Let’s talk more about your business and what you want to accomplish.  We’ll dig into your vision of what your business can become and talk about what we need to do to make this happen.  We’ll map out objectives, goals and standards for the next 12 months.  
Session 2:  Marketing.  Your website, social media, recruiting and sales materials.  Everything that faces the outside world and tells them who you are.  We’ll work through whether you need to give it a face-lift and what you may need to add.
Session 3:  Building the Salesforce.  We’ll work through the basics of Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Motivating, Managing and Professionalizing your salespeople.  Also, we’ll work through some tips and techniques for managing salespeople and improving their performance.
Session 4:  Building a Pipeline of Prospects.  Effective methods of lead generation. Innovative techniques to teach your salespeople and agents.
Session 5:  Keeping Good Salespeople:  Compensation plans, support, motivation, team-building, keeping it interesting.

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In 2010 Field Guide created the very first, web-based, customizable and brandable, interactive bankcard sales training for small to medium-sized ISO's.


For more information about the Field Guide sales training resource download the brochure Just Press Play or email us at

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Current Events

Portfolio Valuation

On Wednesday, March 15, 2016 Mark Dunn of Field Guide Enterprises presented a webinar on portfolio valuation in association with the WSAA,. Here are the documents from that presentation:

What's My Multiple? Field Guide Presentation

Field Guide Portfolio Valuation Resources Page


If you want essential EMV information, you should download the BEST GUIDE TO EMV INFORMATION by Field Guide, a 13-page PDF document that is a comprehensive guide to payments industry EMV-related web sites, organizations, video, whitepapers, recent articles and other EMV information.

Next Field Guide Seminars:

MWAA Conference: July 25, 2018

Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, Chicago, IL

Registration for MWAA includes the Field Guide Seminar. There is no additional fee or registration required. Please pick up your badge at the MWAA meeting registration desks.

Field Guide Booklet from WSAA 2017

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Field Guide Seminar Booklet at WSAA 2017


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