Field Guide Seminar - the best industry speakers in a one-day session covering the crucial issues confronting the ISO industry.  For nine consecutive years the Field Guide Seminar has trained thousands of attendees at the regional bankcard acquiring conferences.  Whether addressing how to start and grow an ISO or giving guidance for more effective sales performance, the Field Guide speakers share valuable tips and techniques.  Learn from the pros!

Field Guide Seminar WSAA 2015

Western States Acquirers Annual Conference 2015 at the

M Resort Spa Casino, Henderson, NV, just soutn of Las Vegas onWednesday, October 28, 2015, starting at 11am

Image of consultant at seminar

Registration for WSAA includesthe Field Guide Seminar. There is no additional fee or registration required. Please pick up your badge at the WSAA registration desk. For more information see: Western States Acquirers Conference

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Looking for more resources in understanding the ISO and bankcard marketplace?  You can download many of the previous Field Guide Seminar presentations by registering on the Resources tab of this web site.  All of the downloads are free of charge.

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